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Premium Bamboo Tees

Durable and Affordable

Bamboo is the perfect choice for golf tees. Natural, flexible, durable, but also affordable too. We pride ourselves on being able to bring you the best eco-friendly products for a reasonable price. 

Why choose Bamboo Golf Tees?

Bamboo is naturally strong, flexible and durable – all essential qualities needed for the perfect Tee! It also grows without pesticides or chemical fertiliser, requires no irrigation, rarely needs re-planting and grows so rapidly that it can be ready to harvest in as little as 3 years.

By making the change from plastic Tees to our biodegradable Bamboo Tees, you will be joining us at Tee Boy Tee Girl Golf in reducing the presence of single use plastics on the golf course. Bamboo Tees which break or are left or lost on a green will decompose naturally unlike their plastic counterparts, therefore significantly reducing the negative impact on the course and the local wildlife that lives there.

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