About Us

Born from the love of golf,  Tee Boy Tee Girl Golf was launched to deliver confidence and quality to the tee box for both men and women.

As passionate golfers we wanted to deliver a golf tee that was durable, sustainable, recognisable and confidence promoting with our alignment stripes. Apart from our 35mm tees, you will find confidence boosting alignment stripes on all of our tees that help promote confidence and consistency every time.

We wanted a tee that was durable and sustainable and that is why we decided that bamboo and durable plastic was the way to go.

Bamboo is naturally strong, flexible and durable – all essential qualities we wanted when designing our tees. It also grows without pesticides or chemical fertiliser, requires no irrigation, rarely needs re-planting and grows so rapidly that it can be ready to harvest in as little as 3 years.  

Our plastic tees are extremely durable, and will often last longer than other wooden tees. Our 4 prong design ensures that the ball sits nicely in the large claw ready for take off!

We wanted to create a brand that both men and women can recognise as theirs, which is why we operate as both Tee Girl and Tee Boy.

Our ambition is to deliver a reliable and trusting brand that symbolises quality and equality to men and women on the golf course.