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Perfect for a new or regular golfer, this bundle is an ideal gift for someone with an interest in Golf!

This exciting bundle includes:

  • 100 bamboo 69mm traditional tees in either a white or natural finish. 
  • 1 Tee Boy Towel in White or Black or Tee Girl Golf Towel in Black.

69mm Traditional Tees

Our plastic-free, biodegradable, sustainable and environmentally friendly Golf Tees are designed for the responsible, modern golfer. 

Alignment stripes ensure you tee it right every time; giving you complete confidence from every tee box.

Bamboo is naturally strong, flexible and durable – all essential qualities needed for the perfect Tee! It also grows without pesticides or chemical fertiliser, requires no irrigation, rarely needs re-planting and grows so rapidly that it can be ready to harvest in as little as 3 years. 

Golf Towels

Our soft and absorbent microfibre golf towels are made with a waffle construction making it easy to clean your clubs for those all important shots. These large towels come with a bag attachment so you can easily clip it to your golf bag.

  • High-quality towel
  • Quick-drying 
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean

Golf towels are ideal for cleaning clubs, golf balls, and drying your hands before the perfect shot. 

Towel Size: 16 inches wide x 24 inches long